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Vaping Laws in Australia

            It is possible to order a prescription of e-cigarettes after the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) implemented the new vaping law. The law requires that cigarette consumers who purchase any nicotine, including the nicotine importers, whether e-liquid or nicotine pods, should have a prescription. Besides, the prescription is issued by a specialist doctor or a registered GP of Australia. The law was passed on 1st October 2021 where it placed a penalty for bringing nicotine into the country without obtaining the prescription. One would incur a penalty of up to two hundred thousand dollars as per Customs Act 1901. This is due to the offense that carries one thousand penalty points which are fines of about two hundred dollars each.

The recent law above has made it possible to have a potential route to access vaping products in Australia domestically. Therefore, any Australian who has a valid nicotine prescription from verified personnel can have easy access to nicotine products. They can obtain them from online pharmacies that are Australian-based or from the local pharmacies which have vaping products. Furthermore, the Australian Border Force has to enforce prescription requirements where they have the power to seize the non-compliant shipments of nicotine or e-cigarette which have no valid prescription.

Various organizations in Australia such as Vaping Scripts make it possible for Australian citizens to enjoy the freedom to purchase vaping products under the new law. Besides, these types of organizations provide nicotine consumers with more information about smoking choices, including quitting, while those who cannot quit, introduce the vaping alternative. In addition, they provide education to smokers about their smoking habits. A good example of such an organization is The Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA). It is a charity that promotes health which was established and registered in 2017 by various medical practitioners of Australia.

ATHRA advises that those who are unable to quit smoking can use ‘life saving’ alternatives like e-cigarettes heat-not-burn, and snus products which can produce nicotine without producing smoke. E-cigarette turn the liquid nicotine into vapor which the consumer inhales. Snus is oral tobacco that is a low risk that delivers the nicotine via the mouth lining. The heat-not-burn products produce tobacco-flavored vapor without combustion. In this perspective, the vaping law was aimed at tobacco harm reduction as these products may reduce the death and diseases risks as well as lead to a substantial improvement of health, as compared to smoking.

However, it is prohibited to buy any e-liquid or e-cigarette that has nicotine for one’s use from the retailers as it is shortlisted as a dangerous poison as per National Poisons Standards. But if the e-cigarette has a prescription for therapeutic purposes like nicotine withdrawal elevation or smoking cessation. Moreover, the Australian law on vaping contains more segments that control the vaping practice in the country. For instance, the law states that the sale of e-cigarettes as well as e-cigarette accessories should not be done on persons under the age of eighteen years and it is a mistake to use the products in the car with children under the age of sixteen years.






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