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Prescription of E-Cigarette in Australia

Prescription of E-Cigarette in Australia was approved to be a legal practice in 2021. To get a nicotine prescription, one should contact a specialist doctor (Approved Prescriber) and request a vaping nicotine e-liquid/pod. Then the doctor will ensure that one has tried other ways of quitting the addiction before giving the prescription. However, people often encounter various challenges such as; many doctors may not have knowledge on vaping and therefore they may refuse to give the prescription. There are other alternatives, especially in the new digital world like Vaping Scripts which offers services with ease in accessing them were the Australians who are addicted to e-cigarettes to obtain the prescription. Besides Vaping Scripts there are several other online prescription services for QuitClinic and Doctors on Demand who provide efficient services where they review the persons’ forms within a day thus helping the smokers to stop the habit, and they are authorized to be prescribers by TGA for the vaping and nicotine products.


Prescription Vape is a good example of an online platform where one can create an account with them and get the prescription within a short period. Besides, there are more online platforms where one can carry out the process or even visit a local specialist doctor and get the prescription. For the Prescription vape, one registers with them first and registers the account. The platform provides free or Bulk Billed consultation where one completes a virtual health consultation for free and has access to browse through a variety of products like nicotine. Through the platform, one can request the preferable product. An individual chose the preference brand from their online store to make the purchase. Furthermore, they only display nicotine products that have been proven to have been compliant with the law.

Vaping Scripts and others offer home delivery of the products where their doctors review the prescription eligibility within a day and direct their affiliated pharmacy to send the orders through express post. Furthermore, the platforms can contact you whenever there are any concerns and vice versa. It is also easy to re-order since they reserve everything in files thus you can make re-orders for prescription refills efficiently and easily. The platforms has various products that they deal with tagged the price against them.

To qualify for the vape prescription, one has to be above eighteen years. Besides, as of October 1st, people who use vaping should possess a valid medical prescription of Australia for all products of vaping like nicotine pods, nicotine e-cigarettes, and liquid nicotine. Prescription of the e-cigarette is very important to nicotine users as it is vital in many situations like when importing the products overseas online. Furthermore, the use of nicotine by Australians is a Schedule 4 which is a prescription-only medicine, such that for an individual to access any vaping product from outside the country must present a valid prescription issued by a registered nurse in the country.

The prescription vape is an Australian government project that offers reliable and convenient access to vaping products around the country. It contains various pharmacists, scientists, and healthcare professionals who have vast knowledge and experience in the field of e-cigarettes. In addition, these efforts are aimed at providing evidence-based information and technology enhancement to reduce smoking rates in Australia.



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Prescription Vape – Nicotine prescription in Australia


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