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An Overview on Nicotine Vaping

An Overview on Nicotine Vaping

An Overview on Nicotine Vaping: In this article we will cover:

  1. understanding the pathway of nicotine vaping consumers
  2. nicotine liquids and
  3. Understanding the nicotine vaping pathways,

We’ll cover off the three pathways a smoker can take when choosing vaping as their product to help them quit smoking.

  • Smokers and vapors are looking for prescriptions to vape nicotine products, but they aren’t all on the same path.
  • A smoker will enter vaping to quit smoking.
  • They will not understand the category and not yet be clear whether the product will work. during their first three months of script.
  • They’ll start to decide on vaping
    • If it’s not working,
    • I like vaping and want to explore it more.
    • Vaping is keeping me off cigarettes and I’ll continue to use it to quit.

There are 500,000 vapors in Australia today, they use vaping as an alternative to smoking.

  • These vapors and some new vapors are looking to either remain vapors if their immediate need to quit is no longer relevant and
  • They are alternative nicotine users. They will request scripts for open system juices are for pure nicotine to mix their own juice nicotine strengths for open systems are between three milligrams and six milligrams per one milliliter in strength for vapors who see vaping as a product to help them escape nicotine and the ritual of smoking.

They will continue to look for simplicity and effectiveness for these patients, managing them down in nicotine strength is the key.

Closed system pods are normally their preferred products as they come with the product ready to use. They simply add the strength and flavor pod needed to their device and they’re ready to vape; it is also more discreet and personal.

Prescribing the right nicotine vaping product that meets Australian standards is key to helping your patient navigate the category ensuring that you’re prescribing vaping products that are carried by local pharmacies ensures vapors can access their product as easily as cigarettes.

Understanding why a vapor needs a script helps with prescribing the right product for their needs so explore this with your doctor.

In this new section, nicotine vaping liquids we’ll break down for you the basic components of nicotine juice.

There are four basic components to a vape liquid or juice,

  1. propylene glycol or PG,
  2. vegetable glycerin or
  3. VG nicotine and
  4. flavoring although the levels of each may vary.

The four components are the same in open and closed system products.

  • Ninety percent of the liquid or juice is made up of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in an open system which delivers more of a vape cloud. The VG levels are as high as 80 to 90%
  • In a closed system product, the PG and VG are equal in proportion.

There are two types of nicotine used in vaping products a

  1. Freebase nicotine is used in open systems and
  2. a nicotine salt used primarily in closed systems. Nicotine salts have a much faster blood absorption rate and more closely replicate a cigarette.

There is an extensive range of products on the market. All these products should be TGA approved. The secret is to undertake your own research on the products. Carefully read the product contents. Discuss this with your doctor as he will be agnostic to the product but will assess dosage for you as an individual.

Not all vape products are created equally. But an excellent product would have spent a lot of time ensuring the product delivered on its objective, helping smokers quit smoking from the pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility to the 500-point Rockwell testing system that ensures each batch meets the highest standards. Some product suppliers such as ‘wild by instinct’ heat their liquid below two hundred degrees Celsius to deliver the lowest emissions. In addition, check whether the supplier has ensured additional childproofing to their packaging.

Lastly, the purpose should be to deliver a pathway to nicotine freedom, search products that have your preferred flavor from fifty milligrams per one milliliter strength for smokers and eighteen milligrams per one milliliter to help manage the transition off nicotine and a zero milligrams per one milliliter for those making the final transition.

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