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Nicotine Prescription Australia

Step-by-step guide on how to get a nicotine prescription in Australia

To date, smoking remains a pressing issue and a leading cause of death in Australia. Killing more than 20,000 Australians every year, it is irrevocably affecting Australians from all walks of life e.g. high through to low socioeconomic groups.

Here Is Why A Prescription Is Must For Nicotine Vaping Products:

According to recent data collected in the year 2021, whooping 54% of the smokers are practically “dual smokers”.

Australia Regulates Nicotine to Prescription Only Medicine

Quite recently, on 1st October 2021, to do away with the excessive use of nicotine vaping products, Australia has recently has tried curbing the use by placing strict laws.

According to Australian laws,

  1. Users should have a valid prescription from an authorized online pharmacy or a healthcare professional for purchases of nicotine vaping products. According to the Australian Government, the possession of nicotine pods, vaping liquids, and nicotine vapes are only legal if there is a prescription to go with it.
  2. South Australia, however, doesn’t come under the law.
  3. Vaping is only permitted sans prescription if the E-liquid is without any nicotine.
  4. In parts of Australia, possession of vaping products is illegal altogether.
  5. Sprays, gums, lozenges, patches, and chews that come under the category of Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT’s) will still be conveniently available in pharmacies and retail shops sans the need for any prescription.

Two Ways Nicotine Vaping Products Can Be Possessed:

With the laws tightened on possessing and importing nicotine vaping products and the likes, getting approval from Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) is quite costly and complicated. But here is good news. Not 1 but there are 2 approved routes that are present to get hold of nicotine products with a prescription.

Route 1: Personal Importation Scheme

According to TGA Personal Importation Scheme, people residing in Australia can import nicotine vaping products provided they have a valid prescription issued by an authorized medical practitioner or an online pharmacy. To avoid delays from customs, request the overseas stores to put a copy of the prescription in the package.

Route 2: Supply In Australia With Prescription

If you have a prescription written from a medical practitioner or an authorized online pharmacy, then you may get a hold of the nicotine vaping predictions from pharmacies (in-store or online) in Australia. But if you have a personal preference with particular flavors or a brand, then a personal importation scheme is your best bet

How To Get Nicotine Prescription In Australia?

Now if you have decided to quit smoking for good then get ready to live your life to the maximum. If you are a person who feels Vaping is your best bet then get yourself a prescription. Getting a hold of a valid prescription by an authorized practitioner or an online pharmacy is absolutely necessary and there are no two ways about it. Now here is a list of dos’ before considering quitting smoking.  

  1. Go to your general physician and get a green signal to pursue vaping as means to quit smoking.
  2. You are presently a smoker or an ex-smoker
  3. You are an adult having an age of above 18+ to purchase vaping products.
  4. You have planned to quit smoking, have used alternative methods or nicotine placement therapies (gums, chews, patches, inhalers, lozenges, etc.), and have failed, or want to go cold turkey.

While very few medical practitioners in Australia are giving face-to-face valid prescriptions of nicotine vaping products. But here is the good part. Some of the best online pharmacies and nicotine products prescription service providers are working round the clock in helping people put an end to smoking and following them in their journey with regular check-ups. One of the best online prescription service providers with one of the best doctors is Vapingscrips.com.au

How To Get Online Prescription From Vaping Scripts?

Vaping Scrips is Australia’s leading and one of the most trusted online nicotine prescription service providers. Working 24 hours round the clock and 7 days of the week, Vaping Scrips provides scripts for melatonin and medicinal cannabis along with nicotine. There is a step to step process to get hold of your valid prescription. Before consulting Vaping Scripts, do consult your general physician for a complete checkup.

Step 1: Vaping Scripts requests its patients to provide complete medical history.

Step 2:  After complete satisfaction, Vaping Scripts gets you connected to a health professional in no time.

Step 3: Receive your valid prescription receipt from a health practitioner and shop at a preferred supplier of TGO-110 compliant nicotine products.

Note that getting a valid prescription from Vaping Scripts is only available to patients currently residing within Australia.

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