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Is Vaping Legal In Australia?

Do you know around 70% of people in Australia die from smoking alone? Yup! You read that right and it is quite worrisome. According to the recent data accumulated in the year, 2020-2021 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics of National Health Survey, the frequency of smoking in teenagers is around 10.3%. Smoking is definitely bad news because it damages every organ in your body and generally the smokers are at health risk all the time. But here is great news. Breaking off from the shackles of smoking can increase life expectancy by manifolds. But what makes it possible you ask? Here is your answer. Well, compared to smoking, vaping is your best answer to quitting smoking. And the cherry on top is, vaping is legal in Australia provided you have the prescription.

For the uninformed, we have curated a list of why vaping is a better option for quitting smoking altogether. Everything regarding vaping is listed below.

Vaping Versus Smoking:

It is said that people who are chain smokers can take help from vaping as a means to quit smoking altogether. Vaping is a great stepping stone towards the end of smoking completely. Now the question is, what is the basic difference between smoking and vaping? Well we have sorted out the distinctions for you. Smoking basically provides nicotine via burning the tobacco while with vaping, it delivers nicotine with the help of heating up nicotine vapors which is basically less damaging than smoking combustible tobacco per se. The only basic difference is burning nicotine, which basically is a breeding ground for lots of toxins in the body.

Vaping Could Be The First-Line Of Treatment For Nicotine Addiction Soon:

Vaping, also commonly known as E-cigarettes, is an act of inhaling the nicotine vapors processed through the vaporizer.  According to Public Health England (PHE), Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and that is the reason it is a great way to quit smoking altogether. According to Queensland University analysis suggests that Vaping will soon be the first-line of treatment for nicotine addiction soon but as of yet, it stays at second position.

The Benefits Of Vaping:

Here are some of the benefits of using vaping in the longer run.

Vaping Is A Great Smoking Cessation Tool:

The most merciful thing a chain smoker can do is to say goodbye to smoking forever. And what better way than fully quitting smoking and starting E-cigs or vapes. Vaping aids in quitting smoking quicker because it doesn’t leave behind any tar or tobacco toxins that are damaging to your lungs. It helps in normalizing your blood pressure and also helps you in breathing properly.

Vaping Is A Cheaper Option Than Smoking:

Smoking cigarettes is an expensive deal. Vaping is approximately one-tenth of the cost as compared to traditional smoking literally puff by puff. The initial costs to get vape and its various accessories is expensive but when counted on an everyday basis, it is a cheaper option than smoking.

Zero Passive Smoking Dangers Like Cigarettes:

Smoking not only damages your body but also to the people around you. Passive smoking is a real thing and causes great distress in near and dear ones as well. With vaping, to date there is no evidence of damages caused by passive vaping.

Vaping Gives You Same Hand To Mouth Experience Like Smoking Cigarettes:

Vaping is better when it comes to quitting smoking altogether. Here is why? It psychologically Satisfies the smoker with a near-to-smoking experience. Holding a vape just like you would hold a cigarette and breath in. The hand-to-mouth experience is similar but the whole experience of vaping is less damaging than smoking. That is why lower risk nicotine that is vaping is made legal in Australia provided it has a prescription with it.

It Is Less Harmful To People Around You:

Consuming E-Cigarettes have lesser after-effects than smoking traditional cigarettes as vaping does not linger on for too long in the air. This also diminishes the risks of passive smoking because unlike cigarettes, the smoke of traditional cigarettes does not linger on in the furnishings, clothes or curtains, etc.

Vaping Laws In Australia And Its Legality:

Now here is the big question! Is Vaping legal in Australia? The answer is Yes. But with certain rules to follow. Quite recently Australia has tightened its hold on vaping products and its illegal use because of the significant increase in youngsters consuming them. It is documented that between the year 2015 to 2019, young E-cigarettes users increased by a massive 96% as a status symbol.

Here Are Two Ways To Legally Keep Vaping Products:

  1.  According to the Australian Government, Therapeutic Goods Administration head John Skerritt, from October 1st, all the vaping products like nicotine pods, vaping liquids and E-cigarettes require a prescription. So, it is pertinent to fill a prescription with a local Australian community pharmacy or an online pharmacy.
  2. E-cigarettes users are permitted to keep Vaping products worth up to 3 months’ supply into Australia using a personal importation scheme. But once the products are in the country, it is illegal to possess them without a prescription.

The laws have been put in place to bring a balance between discouraging young users to quit nicotine vaping and encouraging smokers to use vaping as means to quit traditional smoking.

What IS Vaping Scripts:

Vaping Scripts is Australia’s only 24/7 real E-Cigarette nicotine prescription service. Vaping scripts have the authorization of providing scripts for nicotine, medicinal cannabis, and melatonin. According to Vaping Scripts, they don’t just provide prescriptions, they use a multi-disciplinary approach to follow-up and provide complete support in quitting smoking.

This Is How Vaping Scripts Will Come To Your Rescue:

Since October 1st 2021, the consumption of nicotine vaping products and importing them without a doctor’s prescription has been made illegal, which is why Vaping Scripts will come to your rescue. It’s an easy step-to-step process.

  1. They will ask for a complete patient history form
  2. Will get you connected to a health professional as soon as possible.
  3. Get your dosage right away and shop at your preferred supplier of TGO-110 compliant nicotine products.

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