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How To Get Online Prescription in Australia?

You will find complete details of how to get an online valid prescription in Australia.

How To Get Online Prescription in Australia: Starting October 2021, laws have been passed and it has been vetoed that the consumer of nicotine vape products must provide a valid prescription. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia recently moved the nicotine vaping products like E-cigarettes, E-liquids, and pods from consumer goods to prescription medicines and demanded the users to get a valid prescription from a health practitioner, authorized online pharmacy or prescription service, provider.

The law has been put in place to create checks and balances among adults and youth who consume nicotine vapes for a variety of reasons. Traditional smokers may use it to get rid of smoking habit by tapering it down with vapes. While youngsters would do it probably out of curiosity or sheer peer pressure. But whatever the reason, it is kind of worrisome because there is was no check and balance as to how much nicotine content is being used while vaping.

Regulation Of Nicotine Vaping Products In Australia:

The Therapeutic Goods Administrations (TGA), although do agree that vaping is much less harmful than smoking but the reason to do so is to prevent youth to indulge in vaping (lest they may fall into the trap) while allowing adults to have authorized access for cessation of traditional smoking. As opposed to the Australian prescription model, the Use of nicotine vaping products is very lenient in the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, and Europe.

What Nicotine Vape Product Consumers Need To Know:

Starting October 1st, consumers who are importing nicotine vape products cannot do so without a valid prescription to go with it. Here is why? Nicotine has been included in the substance C in Australia which means acquiring, possessing, and consuming it without a prescription will cost you heavy fines and prison time in a worst-case scenario.

According to TGA Personal Importation Scheme, people residing in Australia can import nicotine vaping products provided they have a valid prescription issued by an authorized medical practitioner or an online pharmacy.

Within Australia, if you desire to buy nicotine vape products then get yourself a valid prescription issued by a health practitioner or an authorized online pharmacy so that you can legally do so without the fear of penalties.

Who Qualifies For A Prescription In Australia:

There are certain pre-requisites whereby a consumer will be allowed to issue a prescription for nicotine. You will not have problems acquiring a valid prescription if

  1. You are presently a combustible smoker or were a smoker
  2. Consumer’s age is 18 and above
  3. Aspire to quit smoking
  4. Went for nicotine replacement therapies likes chews, sprays, gums, and lozenges and nothing seemed to work
  5. Tried going cold turkey and didn’t work for you

It is pertinent to note that your first line of action while quitting smoking is to reach out to your general physician first but if for some reason doesn’t work out, ATHRA has a list of doctors, and TGA-approved prescribers list is also easily available on their websites respectively.

There are also many doctors that give online consultations and have been doing a commendable job so far. One of the websites is VapingScripts.com.au

Here Is How You Can Get A Online Prescription In Australia:

Acquiring an online valid prescription is perhaps the need of the hour.  All thanks to COVID, people are still concerned when it comes to face-to-face checkups and consultations. Getting an online prescription for nicotine vape products in Australia is pretty easy. Just fill-up the prescription form with the online prescription service provider, an Australian doctor will ask for patients’ history, inquire about and look thoroughly into your smoking cessation needs and if a prescription is required and needed, they will send it over to you with a copy of your general physician.

What Exactly Is VapingScripts.com.au?

Vapingscripts.com.au is your one-stop-shop whereby it goes beyond ensuring that you are on a greater path towards cessation of smoking. The medical health practitioners at Vaping Scripts do not just issue a nicotine prescription, they pride themselves in doing all the necessary follow-ups and support that the consumer needs in order to succeed.

How Can I Acquire Online Prescription From VapingScripts.com.au?

Vaping Scrips is Australia’s one of the most trusted and prime online nicotine prescription service providers. An online consultation service that works round the clock at just $49 and repeated scripts literally for free of cost. And here is the cherry on top.

The subsequent scripts will be supplied to your preferred supplier and nominated provider via email upon request. The cost includes telehealth, referral, and medical history, consultation with a nurse practitioner, GP prescription, and access to a quitting app. Working 24 hours round the clock and 7 days of the week, Vaping Scrips provides scripts for melatonin and medicinal cannabis along with nicotine.

There is a step to step process to get hold of your valid prescription. Before consulting Vaping Scripts, do consult your general physician for a complete checkup.

Step 1: The medical practitioners at Vaping Scripts request their patients to provide complete medical history and previously quitting attempts.

Step 2:  After complete satisfaction, Vaping Scripts gets you connected to a health professional in no time.

Step 3: Receive your valid online prescription receipt from a health practitioner and shop at a preferred supplier of TGO-110 compliant nicotine products.

Step 4: If the script is appropriate, they will send it over to your general physician as well as your preferred supplier.

Step 5: The doctors at Vaping Scripts will offer a quitting app to keep you on track. App once downloaded will help you achieve missions, earn rewards, and more control in your smoking cessation journey.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit VapingScripts.com.au right away and click on Get My Prescription, and fill out a patient registration form. You will be contacted by the VapingScripts medical team that will connect you to an Authorized Prescribing doctor. Bear in mind that getting a valid prescription from Vaping Scripts is only available to patients currently residing within Australia.

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