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Getting the Nicotine Prescription Online

Quitting smoking is now in reach for many Australians. It’s easy for you to get nicotine prescription online with VapingScripts.com.au. This begs the question, why smokers are choosing to access nicotine from retailers who are illegally selling products indiscriminately?


This week, a man has been charged under new legislation that came into effect at the beginning of October for allegedly selling nicotine-laced e-cigarette vapes in south west NSW.

Last month, police initiated an investigation and, supported by NSW Health compliance investigators, searched a Griffith service station on Thursday morning.

A 28-year-old man has been charged with two charges of banned substance distributed by a non-wholesaler and is scheduled to appear in Griffith Local Court on January 19.


It’s the first time since the regulations went into effect on October 1 that NSW Police have announced any charges for distributing nicotine-containing vapes.


Nicotine not supplied by tobacco cigarettes like vapes, e-cigarettes or smoking cessation aids like as patches and gums became an S4 prescription medicine, requiring a doctor’s approval before use.


Prescription holders can still lawfully purchase nicotine-containing vapes at a pharmacy or import them themselves from other countries, so you can get nicotine prescription online without any issues.


The maximum penalty for illegally supplying liquid nicotine is now $1650 or six months in prison, or both.


The AAP states that, NSW Health has a “robust e-cigarette programme” and has “increased the number of agents with e-cigarette enforcement scope.”


Greg Hunt, Australia’s Federal Health Minister, unveiled a new regulation last year prohibiting the importation of nicotine-containing vape liquids. “The importation of nicotine e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine for vaping would require a doctor’s prescription,” the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) declared a few months later in its final conclusion on the proposal. This positions VapingScripts.com.au as your go-to place to get nicotine prescription online.


As of October 1st, vapers in Australia can only buy vaping products from pharmacies if they have a prescription. While merchants in neighbouring New Zealand and most other nations are permitted to sell nicotine products over the counter in a responsible manner, anyone caught breaking Australia’s stringent restrictions would face severe fines and, in some circumstances, imprisonment.


Many tobacco harm reduction experts have stated that as a result of the prohibition, many vapers may either return to smoking or turn to illegal means to obtain their favourite goods.


“Only a low percentage of vapers have managed to get nicotine prescription online, which is the new law.” Most of the consumers’ nicotine is imported without getting a nicotine prescription online or obtained their supply on the black market. If the new arrangements aren’t followed, some people will revert to smoking, while others would buy supplies on the illicit market. Both are undesirable outcomes,” noted renowned tobacco control experts Alex Woodak and Colin Mendelsohn in a recent piece in The Sydney Morning Herald.


Reports of such activities are already spreading, which is unsurprising. Consumers should be careful of counterfeit nicotine vaping products promoted and sold online, according to the Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA). Similarly, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) is concerned that young people can still obtain disposable vapes illegally.


Wodak outlined how Australia is taking the wrong approach to nicotine-free alternatives, causing it to fall behind other countries in terms of smoking rates rather than making progress, in a recent interview with ABC. The expert compared it to Norway, saying that while the two nations have equally harsh tobacco regulations, Norway has been effective in lowering smoking rates, whereas Australia has not.

Both countries have made it illegal to smoke in public areas and have tightly regulated the sale of tobacco products. Both countries have mandated plain packaging for tobacco products, with Australia being the first to do so in 2012, and Norway following suit in 2018.

While both countries saw considerable reductions in smoking rates between 2001 and 2018, Australia’s proportion of daily smokers plummeted from 22% to 14%, while Norway’s rates, which were 30% higher at the start, have reduced to 12%. Perhaps Norway would benefit from the Australian model and move smokers to get nicotine prescription online and import their products from manufacturers.

Smoking is still one of the leading causes of death in the United Kingdom, with an estimated 6.1 million smokers in the country.

There are also significant disparities in smoking rates across the country, with Blackpool (23.4%) and Kingston upon Hull (22.2%) having substantially higher rates than affluent regions like Richmond upon Thames (8 percent ).

E-cigarettes are “very effective” in helping people stop smoking, according to the government, with 27.2 percent of smokers using them compared to 18.2 percent using traditional items like patches and gum.

“There are approximately 7 million smokers in the United Kingdom, and smoking will continue to harm people for years to come until we wipe it out.”

Smokers have a difficult time quitting, taking an average of 30 tries, which is why we need additional tools in our arsenal, such as medicinally regulated e-cigarettes.”

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